Attorney in Residence

Of Counsel Attorney-in-Residence Program

We offer part-time Of Counsel opportunities to our colleagues via our Attorney-in-Residence program.  The Of Counsel Attorney would have a close and continuing relationship with our law firm, but on a part time or fixed amount of time.  During their residence, the Of Counsel attorney can participate in some or all of the following duties;

  1.  Training Solow, Hartnett & Galvan’s Attorneys and Paralegals in their areas of  expertise;
  2.  Collaborate with Solow, Hartnett & Galvan’s Partners, Associates, and Paralegals on  special projects;
  3.  Exchange and discuss best law practice methodologies with Solow, Hartnett & Galvan’s Law team;
  4.  Write legal Blog posts, produce social media and YouTube content, and other media outreach to help Solow, Hartnett & Galvan inform current and potential clients legal developments in the field of immigration.

The Of Counsel Attorney would be compensated for their contributions during their time in residence.  The position could be either remote, in-person at our offices in Philadelphia, New Jersey, and Chester County, PA, or a combination of in-person and remote work.

If you think you are the right candidate for an Of Counsel position with Solow, Hartnett & Galvan, please send your CV and cover letter to [email protected]/Russian.


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