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Luchan contra la pandemia y una posible deportacións

by Jeff Gammage, The Philadelphia Inquirer, Tribune News Service, May 8, 2020
Tags: Adam Solow, DACA, COVID-19, Pandemic

With DACA down to the wire, immigrant health-care workers fight the pandemic as possible deportation looms

by Jeff Gammage, The Philadelphia Inquirer, May 4, 2020
Tags: Adam Solow, DACA


How Community College, Goldman Sachs are helping Philly small business become ‘bankable’ 

by Ernie Arvedlund, The Philadelphia Inquirer, December 18, 2019 

Tags: Adam Solow


What You Need to Know About the Family Separation Crisis- Facts from a Lawyer 

by: Alexis L. Richardson, TheMomEdit, June 24, 2018

Tags: Adam Solow


Local Spotlight: Refugee Team inspires city during 2017 Philadelphia Unity Club 

by Matt McClain,, November 9, 2017

Tags: Adam Solow


City of Philadelphia Office of Immigrants Affairs Welcoming Week 2017 

by Orlando Almonte, August 31, 2017 

Tags: Adam Solow


Interview: Adam Solow on the Immigration Crisis 

by Joel Mathis,, July 9, 2014 

Tags: Adam Solow


Film Screening: “18 Ius Soli (The Right of Soil)” at the International House Philadelphia

by Global Philadelphia, October 19, 2012

Tags: Adam Solow 



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