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Attorney Matthew I. Hirsch | Philadelphia Immigration Lawyer

Attorney Matthew I. Hirsch comes to Solow, Hartnett and Galvan after 30 years as the owner/principle of the Law Office of Matthew I. Hirsch, a boutique immigration law firm based in Wayne, Pennsylvania. Mr. Hirsch and his team bring years of successful experience in employment-based visas, including expertise with H-1B, L-1 and TN visas, O/P visas, investor visas, student visas, religious worker visas, H-1B1’s for citizens of Chile and Singapore, E-3’s for Australians and visas for accompanying dependents. Mr. Hirsch is well known for his advanced knowledge of employer-sponsored green cards and has a long record of successful results for beneficiaries within the “extraordinary ability”, “outstanding researcher”, and “multinational manager” categories and eligible immigrants in the EB-2 (advanced degrees and “NIW”), EB-3 (bachelor’s and skilled workers) and EB-4/special immigrant classifications. Mr. Hirsch and his team also work regularly with married couples and families, offering support for family-sponsored permanent residence and application for U.S. citizenship. 

Mr. Hirsch graduated from Delaware Law School of Widener University and has proudly served more than 25 years as an Adjunct Professor at his former law school. A former Chair of the Philadelphia Chapter of the American Immigration Lawyers, over the years Mr. Hirsch has served on national committees and has frequently been invited to speak at national and international conferences on immigration law topics. In recent years, Mr. Hirsch has served as Chair and as a member of AILA’s Business Immigration Steering Committee and as Chair of the Distance Learning Committee for AILA’s Rome Chapter. 

Education:   Penn State University, B.A.

Delaware Law School, J.D. 

 Admissions:   Pennsylvania Supreme Court

New Jersey Supreme Court (inactive)

New York Supreme Court (inactive) 

My Immigrant Story

My family came to America at the turn of the 20th century, along with hundreds of thousands of Russian/Polish Jews fleeing the violence of czarist pogroms. My parents were both raised in Brooklyn, New York and my father was a navigator on a B-24 during World War II. I was raised in suburban Philadelphia. My wife’s family came from Europe after WWII, having suffered deprivation and worse at the hands of the Nazi’s. 

My family – like nearly all families in America – has experienced the transition from immigrant to new American. It is a story that repeats itself, from America’s earliest days to the present. No matter where today’s immigrants originate, it is important to recall that they share the experience of uncountable millions who have left behind their native roots and endured challenges to begin a new life in America.   

As for my personal journey, years ago I was an international exchange student in France and that experience informs my work with international students, as I help them to navigate the complexities of U.S. immigration law and transition from campus to the workplace. 

Before I was an immigration lawyer, I worked in business law and throughout my career, I have fused my familiarity with the business world, with my knowledge of U.S. immigration law. This combination of interests has enabled me to support U.S. companies and employers on business immigration issues, offering advice and strategy to help them hire and retain foreign talent. 

How to Contact Matthew I. Hirsch

Matt can be reached at 610-964-6100 or [email protected].


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