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One of the most rewarding elements of our jobs as attorneys is naturalization. Naturalization is the culmination of many years of hard work and dedication by our clients that allows them to become United States citizens. The process of naturalization can be a complicated process that the SHG Immigration lawyers want to assist you with in order to simplify the naturalization process for our clients. Navigating the naturalization process can be a daunting endeavor and filing the application for naturalization can take over a year. If you are ready to begin naturalization legal counsel should be sought out to assist you with naturalization to help guarantee that your case is properly presented to USCIS. The attorneys at SHG Immigration Law will ensure all aspects of your case are thoroughly analyzed prior to filing your case with USCIS.

If you retain us to assist you with naturalization, we will serve as your guide and we will be with you every step of the way – from filing your N-400 application, to preparing and attending your naturalization interview. If necessary, we can also compel USCIS to expedite the oath ceremony by filing a writ of mandamus if it has been more than 120 days since your naturalization interview and you still have not been scheduled for your oath ceremony. We offer affordable, comprehensive and personalized representation for every one of our clients.